It's 2014 Pals!

Friday, January 10, 2014 Robert William 0 Comments

  Long time not posting because i really enjoyed my holiday. I don't wanna disturb my holiday by thinking too much. Firstly i wanna say Happy New Year 2014! *fireworks* It's late to say, but please! Late is okay than never. Well it's 2014 pals! My pastor said that 2014 is the year of GOD's opening doors for miracles. I believe that! I believe GOD bless us more and more on this year so we can feel more miracles! So these are my resolutions:

  • More intimate with JESUS. 
  • Pray, praise, worship GOD, and read bible everyday.
  • More productive than last year.
  • Become a better time manager.
  • More serious on my study, no more playing.
  • Do not procrastinate anything, now or never.
  • More responsible, with great power comes great responsibility. ;3
  • Enjoy life more, worry and fear less.

 In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.
-Proverbs 16:9

  Hope this year bring joy, happiness, and blessings to us. Amen.

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