My 18th Birthday Surprise Party

Friday, April 25, 2014 Robert William 0 Comments

  I'm very very happy today!!
  Do you know why?
  Today is my 18 BIRTHDAY!!! Yippie yo! Yippie yay!
  Last night i got a birthday surprise party from my lovely family right at 00:00 AM.
  Now i wanna share the happiness that was captured by camera, check it out!

  P.s. Please excuse my shabby face in the photos. I was so sleepy.

  I'm so grateful cause i have a beautiful-loving family who always beside me!! Well thanks Dad, Mom, Nelvan, Kevin, and Chessy for the little-yet-so-memorable surprise party and also for the gifts! Love you always. GOD bless you abundantly as i'm blessed having you guys. 

  Well Pals i'm officially 18 now!! Thanks GOD!! Uhmm by the way can you gimme gifts pals?*wink*

  P.s. Daddy was the photographer, and Nelvan is in Kalimantan now that's why they aren't in the photos.


  Also on this post, please let me thank Jesus by this letter:

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