My First Election!

Friday, April 11, 2014 Robert William 0 Comments

  Today i wanna share my experience about my first election.

  FYI Indonesia hold election every 5 years as we called Pemilihan Umum a.k.a Pemilu. Well presidential election will be held on 9 July 2014. But yesterday, 9 April was our legislative election. We elected the members of DPD (regional representative council), DPR (people's  representative council), and DPRD (regional assemblies at the provincial and regency/municipality level). The voting age in Indonesia is 17 and i'm just 17 on last year, so this year is my first time election. That's why i'm so excited for election at this year.

I marked my calendar few days before the election  as a reminder.

Well these are the pictures that we captured on the election day.

We elected in bilik suara (voting booth) at TPS (polling station) near our house
We put our votes to kotak suara (ballot box)
Stained finger as a symbol that i voted. 
We voted!
Not a pinky finger anymore it's purple, literally. #ElectionSelfie

  Whoever will win in this election are our aspirations media. I hope whoever win later, they should work seriously, unselfish, caring, give priority, and fight for the people. AMEN!

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