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  Happy New Year Fellas! It's 2K15 yo!

  I really really enjoyed my holiday and now i'm on a final test week so it's gonna be a busy week. But today i don't have any schedules, so i decided to update this blog for awhile and i will start to read my textbook after i post this. Yes i know i'm a lazy procrastinator haha. 

  Because i didn't have time to post this on the 1st January, i think it's the right time to post it now. I'm gonna bring you throwback to my new year's eve. My new year's eve was sooo amazing. I had a blast quality time with my family. We spent our night with dinner and hanging out together. It was a great time tho. 

  But unfortunately some people in my country didn't have a great NYE like us. Some bad news came just few weeks before new years eve. Storm and flood in Bandung, a landslide in Banjarnegara, eruptions in Sinabung and Gamalama Mt. And the latest is Air Asia QZ8501 was missing on its way to Singapore and now still in search of victims and debris. My family and i offer our deepest condolences, our heart and prayers are with all victims, families, and friends.

  We started this year with some rain of tears, but i believe there's a rainbow after the rain. I believe 2015 is a wonderful year and wonderful things will come to us on this year. I believe God bless us more and more on this year. Cause 2K15 is the year of the multiplication of miracles. So lift your chin up and stay strong! :)))

  Btw now i'm on Vine too! Go follow me now, here's the link >> https://vine.co/robilliam
Okay need to go study like now, so hasta la vista!

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