DIY: Pop Up Valentine's Card

  Happy Valentine's day! Well it's always good to give a card on Valentine's day. Valentine's card maybe sounds too ...

  Happy Valentine's day! Well it's always good to give a card on Valentine's day. Valentine's card maybe sounds too cheesy and old school, but it's still gold tho. However a homemade one is always better; beside it's easy and cheap to make, it's still romantic in the other way. And because it's a day where love is in the air, i'm gonna share how to make a pop up valentine's card special for y'all my lovely readers. Check it out!

- Colored cardstock
- White paperboard
- Drawing papers
- Scissors and cutter
- Glue
- Pencil, eraser, marker, ruler
- Crayons, colored pencils, glittery pens, or any coloring media
- A lot of creativity and love


1. Cut out a rectangular piece of the colored cardstock using cutter. 
For best result make sure the card is twice the height of the envelope. This cardstock will be used as an outer cover card.

2. Cut the white paperboard with same size as the cardstock.
This white paperboard will be used as a pop up layer.

3. Fold them in half, short sides together.
Give a firm crease with your finger. Make sure it's straight.

4. Make two cuts in the white cardboard using scissors.
The cuts should be made in from the folded edge of the card in order to make a flap. The cuts must be same height. You can make your cuts deeper or more widely spaced if you wish; take into account the size of your pop up. A bigger pop up needs a bigger flap.

5. Crease the pop up.
Fold the flap over on the front, then hold it on the back of the card. Open the card and push the flap up. Pinch the middle to crease it.

6. Create your card's contents.
Make some drawings or write any romantic words in the drawing papers. Or maybe you can try to make some romantic puns like mine, to make it different and memorable. Just explore your creativity. Also decide what you want to pop up. Make sure all the drawings are fit in the cardboard. Color it, cut, then glue them up to the cardboard.

Deer honey, you rock my world. I lava you berry much.

8. Glue the cardboard to the cardstock. 
Then press it, so the cardboard can stick firmly to cardstock.

Voila your pop up Valentine's card is ready to send!

P.s. It's gonna be more precious if you give this card along with a thousand dollar check. Trust me! :)

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