Thursday, July 17, 2014 Robert William 3 Comments

  Sorry i can't post anything on my blog for a long time, because i was really busy with my study. FYI i just passed my high school, and now i'm going to college. Time flies really fast huh? I still remember i played on kindergarten happily, and now i'm a college student. I think my life's getting busier right now. So please don't complain if i'm not posting for a long time!

  By the way i'm gonna share my style now. This is how i wear denim on denim. I combine my Dad's vintage denim jacket, with jumper, and my slimming fit jeans. I rolled up my sleeves jacket to look more fashionable, casual, and not really monotone. I also wear 'DOPE' denim snapback. Well you better check this out, Pals!

On the look:
Denim Jacket: Levi's | Jeans: Used | Jumper: Details | Shoes: Reebok | Snapback cap, watch, bag: thrift store


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  1. Love this post!! enjoyed reading it! especially the visuals ♥ ♥ great job!

    New style post on the blog sweetie!

  2. Love denim!

    Orbit Blog

  3. Congrats man!!! Which uni are you going to join?

    Your style is amazing I hope your new classmates will like ur style like I do :-)

    Greets Jon,


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