Once upon a Monday

     Once upon a Monday, i had a day free so did my mom, my brother, and my sister. We were so bored, then we decided to have...

     Once upon a Monday, i had a day free so did my mom, my brother, and my sister. We were so bored, then we decided to have an unplanned road trip. We had no clue where we were going, we just drove around exploring Jakarta. Along the way we stopped in drive-thru to eat. Thank God the traffic was quite light for a normal Monday in Jakarta.

Below is a video about our "road trip" that i've uploaded to Youtube.

     We ended up our day (accidentally) at National Museum. We often pass through the museum but we never really got into the museum. I remember i visited it once for my school's road trip but it was a really long time ago. After all, it could be more fun when we visit a museum for a vacation than we visit it just for a school project, right? We decided to spend our afternoon there.

     Unfortunately, we couldn't get in to the Museum. We just knew about a new rule that all the museums in Jakarta are closed on Monday. It was quite a bummer for us, but luckily the museum keepers allow us to take photos but only around the Museum's park. Anyway the park is great though for your #OOTD photos. And it was really great because there were no other visitors in the Museum, so we could take photos without any distraction. What a well-spent Monday. Next time, when we got free time again, we need to get in to the museum for real. Just a note: don't visit it on Monday if you want to get in.

Strangely, my jogger pants has the same color with the bricks. Matchy matchy!

Some amazing, historical, yet lil bit creepy statues.
I mean, look at those skulls. Creepy right?

On the look:
Tees: Details | Jogger pants: Guess | Shoes: Kickers | Cap, watch: thrift store  

Sorry guys, you can't sit with us.

Monday sucks? It actually depends how and whom you spend it with. It will be suck less if you can live it with a grateful heart and spend your time with people you love. And of course with extra coffee in the morning. 

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