Festival of Lights

Friday, December 27, 2013 Robert William 0 Comments

  On the last Dec 24th, my church didn't make any Christmas Eve celebration, we just celebrate the Christmas day. So my family and i went to Central Park to celebrated our Christmas Eve there. No it's not the NYC urban park, it's a mall in West Jakarta, Indonesia. You know like the other "urban" family, we completely had a family time on a mall! Yes a mall!

  The most interesting things in Central Park that we can only get on Christmas season, is the Festival of Lights. Festival of Lights is always be held on the Central Park's main park, yes there's literally a park on the mall. So after we had our dinner and finished shopping some stuff, we took our time to enjoy the Festival of Lights. 

  There was a giant Christmas tree, decorated with sparkling colorful LED that we can see at the center of the park. Around the tree, we can also see all the bright and colorful decorations which are so beautiful. Salute to the people who made this!

Angels of  lights
Deer of lights


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