Today is  the end of this month, February 29, the leap day. It only happens once every 4 years, so i will spend it wisely. Befor...

Today is  the end of this month, February 29, the leap day. It only happens once every 4 years, so i will spend it wisely. Before this month is ended, let me review what has happened in this month. A little recap, because i kinda get a writer's block, so please excuse my uncreative mind. Honestly this month brings me a lot of joy and sweetness. February? More like FABruary! If you are wondering, these are the reasons of my happiness:

1. Rainy season
Yeah, it has been raining everyday lately. Even it gives some of melancholic feelings, i still love rainy days. I love the chilly weather, it means i can wear my favorite sweaters and jackets.

2. Chinese New Year
Last CNY was more memorable than other CNY celebrations i've ever had. I got angpao (a monetary gift) which was given from my older relatives who celebrate it. I also enjoy beautiful lanterns, and watch spectacular fireworks with my family at the mall after having dinner together.

3. Valentine's Day
On Valentine's day, i went out with my brothers and sister, spent quality time together.
Who says the singles can't celebrate Valentine's Day?

I also made a playlist that filled by sweet love songs. This playlist actually should be posted on Valentine's day, but because i couldn't have time so here it is.

4. College Break 
Yes this is the most of the most reasons why i really love this month. I had a full month free of college life. I spend my free time mostly just stayed at home, but i am so happy though.

The way i expressed my freedom.

5. 58th Grammy Awards
What makes Grammys this year so special for me was finally one of musician from my country got nominated. He was Joey Alexander, a pianist, a 12 year old prodigy; the youngest nominee. He also performed at that prestigious event and ended with a standing ovations from the audience. Even he didn't win, but he still made Indonesia proud. Bravo, Joey!

Last but not least..

Leo finally did it!!!

(image source: vanityfair.com)

It's finally time for Leonardo DiCaprio to shine! He has finally won his first Oscar!! After being nominated for six Oscars over his long, successful career, my favorite actor picked up his first award for his role as frontiersman Hugh Glass in The Revenant.

Lesson of the month: if Leo could win his first Oscar after six nominations over the course of 22 years, you can surely win of your struggles as well.

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