Pantai Losari

  Last New Year's holiday, i got invited to my cousin's wedding in Makassar. Makassar is one of metropolitan cities in I...

  Last New Year's holiday, i got invited to my cousin's wedding in Makassar. Makassar is one of metropolitan cities in Idonesia, it's a capital city of South Sulawesi. And honestly it was the first time i could go back  to my hometown after 16 years living in Jakarta. I was there just for a few days, maybe about a week, i didn't have time to explore all Makassar because we were so busy of the wedding. I just visited some places near the wedding arena that really iconic in Makassar. But i surely had a great time there!

  The first place i could visit was Pantai Losari. It is an esplanade, a peninsula, and a beach indeed (pantai means beach in Indonesia). There, you can see a famous floating mosque too, Masjid Amirul Mukminin. Also you can try so many variations of fresh seafood and other authentic Makassar dishes that sold by food stalls around, but sadly i didn't have enough time to eat. However if you come visit Makassar, you can't miss this place.  

  I strolled around Pantai Losari, breathed some sea air, enjoyed the waving palm trees, and the best moment was enjoying the sunset in the beach pavilion. It is the best place to watch the sun goes down in Makassar. I definitely should go back there again next time.

Phinisi sailing boat

A miniature of Torajan traditional ancestral house, Tongkonan.
A sculpture of  Torajan traditional dancer.

An aisle to paradise.

So in love with  the reflection of the sun on the sea, also the formed silhouette. Beautifully dramatic!

Anjungan Pantai Losari 
Jl. Penghibur, Maloku, Kec. Makassar, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan

Makassar trip to be continued...

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  1. Beautiful photos.


  2. Super nice city !!

  3. Looks like a cool place ! Actually I'm dreaming on going to Indonesia, the sea and the sky looks so blue and amazing! It reminds me of La barceloneta in Barcelona in a broad sense!

    Best regards from Barcelona
    Fungi Express Blog

  4. Amazing place !!!!!


  5. Great post doll, love the pics!

    Alice Cerea,


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